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At Salem we pride ourselves on exceptional service. All our stylists have had the best training and we are dedicated to continuously up skilling. Our pricing reflects both our skill, and the quality of products we are using.

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Cut and Blowdry/Finish services include a consultation, shampoo, head massage, blow-dry and style finish. 

Dry Hair cuts must be completed on hair that has been washed in the last 24 hours, otherwise please add on shampoo and blowdry

Emerging Stylist - working toward qualification with 3 years experience
Senior Stylist - fully qualified with 5+ years experience
Master Stylist - 10+ years experience
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Ladies Cut and blowdry

Emerging Stylist - $47
Senior Stylist - $77

Ladies Restyle cut and Blowdry

Emerging Stylist - $47

Senior Stylist -$87

Mens Cut and Finish

Emerging Stylist - $10
Senior Stylist -$34

Clipper cut (dry Hair)

All Stylists -$15

under 13s dry cut

Senior Stylist -$29

Highschool Ladies Dry Cut

Senior Stylist -$49

Uni Ladies Dry Cut

Senior Stylist -$55

Highschool/Uni Mens Dry Cut

Senior Stylist -$30

Add on Shampoo and Blowdry




Blowdrys include a consultation, shampoo, head massage, blowdry and cloud 9 styling

Express dry is a quick 5 minute dry off with no styling

Hairups do not include shampoo and Blowdry


Blowdry and Styling

Wash and Blowdry Short - $37

Wash and Blowdry Med/Long - $47

Wash and Blowdry Extra Long - $57

Curls on Clean Dry Hair - $45

Shampoo, Blowdry and Curls from - $60

Hair ups

Basic Hairup (30min) - $60

Hairup (45 min) - $75

Advanced Hairup (60 min) - $90

Hairup extra time (per 15 min) - $15

Bridal Parties - POA



A Global colour is one colour all over processed for 30-45 minutes

A Glaze is a Semi Permanent applied to freshly shampoo'd hair and processed for 5-20 minutes

Please be aware colour services need to be followed by a cutting or styling service



Retouch (up to 8 weeks) -$84

Global Short -$91

Global Medium -$107

Global Long - $126

Global Extra Long -$141

Add 10 foils from - $16


Toner Refresh from -$40

Toner Re-Colour from - $50

Short Glaze -from $45

Medium Glaze -from $60

Long Glaze -from $75

Extra Product -from $10



Foiling can include highlights and lowlights

We recommend adding Bond Fusion or Olaplex to all lightening services. Most lightening services will require a toner to ensure best results.

Please be aware colour services need to be followed by a cutting or styling service



10 Foils -$75

Partial Foils -$91

Half Head Foils -$108

3/4 Head Foils -$119

Full Head of Foils -$128

Scattered Foils -$121

Colour between Foils from -$10

Toner After Lightening
from $30

Colour with Foils

(Retouch or global, using foils to accentuate the base colour)




Toner after Lightening
from $30

Extra Product from -$10


Balayage, Ombre and Lightening

Using a combination of foils and freehand lightener application followed by a toner we are able to create multiple balayage looks, from natural to extreme

Ombre is created using darker colours only, if your hair needs to be lightened, balayage is what you need!

Please be aware colour services need to be followed by a cutting or styling service



Balayage and Ombre

Balayage -$136

Add on Base Colour from -$20

Toner after Lightening from -$30

Root Shadow Toning from -$40

Ombre from -$127

Extra Product
from $10

We recommend adding Olaplex or Bond Fusion to all lightening services to ensure hair health and a toner will be necessary after these lightening services to ensure best results


Bleach or Keune High Lift 3000 Series applied directly on scalp for our extreme blondes

Full Bleach on Scalp from - $125

Bleach on Scalp Retouch -$95

Second Application from - $80

Toner After Lightening from - $30

Bleach Bath/Ends Clean Out from -$30

We recommend adding Olaplex or Bond Fusion to all lightening services to ensure hair health and a toner will be necessary after these lightening services to ensure best results


Colour Extras

Express Services are available with Senior Stylists for regular clients. Appointments by phone only.

Covering your front hairline and 1cm either side of your parting. Price includes an express dry with one of our assistants


Colour Extras

Fashion Toners (including pink, silver and lilac)
from $40

Colour Glaze or Gloss with Retouch
from $23

Grey Blend
(available in light medium and dark)
from $51

Express Colour Services

Colour Touch Up
- $50

Foil Refresh
- $50

Toner Following Foil Refresh
- from $10


Bond Builders and Treatments

Bond Builders are insurance for your hair

We recommend adding Olaplex or Bond Fusion to all Lightening services

Conditioning treatments must be added to cutting or styling services


Olaplex and Bond Fusion

Olaplex with colour/lightener
- $30 per mixture

Bond Fusion with colour/lightener
 - $15 per mixture

Olaplex Standalone treatment $50
(add to haircut or styling)

Olaplex #2 only (5 minutes) -$15

Keune Bond Fusion (10 minutes) - $15

Conditioning Treatments

Express Keune Treatment - $15

Express Miracle Elixer (5min) - $20

Full Miracle Elixer (15min) - $35

Take Home Treatments

Olaplex #3 - $49

Bond Fusion Phase 3 - $35

Miracle Elixer - $35



Specialty Hair Services

Keratin Smoothing and Extensions

You're safe in the hands of our Keratin Experts - we can tailor make a Keratin treatment just to suit you


Keratin Smoothing

Keratin Express Blowout Short - $99

Keratin Express Blowout Medium - $149

Keratin Express Blowout Long - $199

Kerasilk - from $240

Extra Product - $1 per gram

Hair Extensions

Tape in Full Set* from $500
Deposit from $280

Tape in per 2 tapes** from $25
Deposit from $15

*Full set is up to 40 tapes - includes a cut to blend
**Must be added to a cut or style service

Nails and Tanning

Amber is a certified Nail Technician with years of training and experience. 

Hand drawn nail art, glitter and good conversation - check out her work here:


Gel Manicure, one colour - $40

Gel Manicure with Art (2 fingers per hand) - $45

Extra Nail Art (per nail) - $5

Add on Correction Gel - $5

IBX Nail Treatment -$15

IBX Follow Up Treatment -$10

SNS Removal only - $40

Full Body Spray Tan - $30

Please note: SNS Removal requires additional time so please make sure we are aware if you currently have SNS on your nails before your appointment time.

When using online booking, tanning and nail services need to be booked separately to hair services

All appointments book quickly, so please make sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment!