You new Favourite Purple Shampoo

You new Favourite Purple Shampoo

NEW purple shampoo?

Here at Salem we have always been impartial to a little bit of Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo (which we will still be stocking, so don't freak out yet!), but we have a new contender that we would like to introduce to you:

Enter Silver Savior from Keune! 

Whether you currently have cool silvery hair, natural sparkly whites, or yellow that won't quit - you can bust that brass with this Shampoo and Conditioner Duo.

Keune has always been about healthy hair, and now the Silver Savior contains the 5 essential minerals found in the Care range, meaning the hair is left feeling a little extra nourished! (Unlike some of our old fav purples that leave your hair feeling a little bit like it has walked through the desert on a horse with no name..)

It is infused with super strong violet pigments that will neutralise and refresh even darker blonde tones. So far we have found lighter blondes will notice a dramatic difference after one shampoo, where darker blondes may need a few to get that build up of violet goin on).

How to get the best results from your new best friend:

We want you to shampoo your hair twice, this is the best way to get your hair as clean as possible, and ready to accept as much of the violet pigment as it possible can.

First Shampoo: Do a quick shampoo and rinse using either your Silver Savior or your normal shampoo

Second Shampoo: Use a decent amount of Silver Savior (enough to make sure all of your blonde or white hair is thoroughly and evenly covered in bubbly foam) and leave it in for at approximately 3 minutes
- if you are scared of this, do a shorter amount of time for your first attempt
- if your hair is a darker blonde or more yellowy, you can leave it in for longer
rinse well

Conditioner: Spread your Silver Savior conditioner through your ends (taking care to avoid your roots unless oily hair is never an issue for you) and leave for another 3 minutes

Extra Tips:

If your hair is veeeerrry yellow or even orangey you can try applying your shampoo to towel dried, or completely dry hair and leave for 5-10 minutes for extra brass busting goodness!

If you have very fine, you could also try using the Silver Savior as your first shampoo, and follow it up with a volumising shampoo so as to not weigh your hair down.

If you have been using Fanola or Fudge, you may notice the silver savior isn't 'as strong' but really, it just isn't as matte - give it a chance, and you will find your love how shiney and healthy your hair starts to look as the new pigment builds up in a nice way, instead of leaving your hair colour looking flat.

Have you tried Silver Savior yet? How are you liking it?

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