Keratin Aftercare

Keratin Aftercare

So you’ve just had a keratin treatment?

Awesome! Congratulations on the super sleek do you’re currently rocking (or are about to rock, if you’re looking at this in advance)!

Here are our top 5 tips for ensuring the best possible results from your Keratin Blowout:

1. Keep your hair dry for at least 8 hours!

If you are only going to follow one rule, choose this one because if you don’t you’ve just wasted your time and money.
When you leave the salon your hair is super straight, and we know some people don’t like that, but trust us, wait it out. If your hair does get a little bit wet*, all is not lost, blowdry your hair and re straighten it as quickly as you can as this will resmooth your hair and reactivate the keratin.

2. After 8 hours Shampoo and Condition your hair.

When you are ready to wet your hair on purpose (after a minimum of 8 hours, you can wait up to a couple of days if it makes you happy), please follow this up with shampoo and conditioner – if you wet your hair but don’t wash the keratin out, the shape it dries into is unlikely to give you the smoothness you desired. Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 shampoos to remove the tacky keratin feeling from your hair, so feel free to rinse and repeat!

3. To get the Smoothest finish, use Heat!

Keratin is a heat activated smoother, even if you want to let your hair dry naturally, using a hairdryer on hot for 1 minute will smooth down so many fluffies and give you a smoother result – remember your hair is going to dry a lot faster, so using the hairdryer won’t be the laborious task it once was, and your hair will be sooo much smoother at the end!

4. Use a shampoo with Keratin in it.

We recommend the Keune Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner as they both contain active keratin, you’ll be topping up the keratin a tiny bit every time you wash your hair, which should mean your results last a lot longer, they are super concentrated and last a long time, so are worth the investment! (They are $25.99 each and we also offer Laybuy and Afterpay, so if you’re on a budget you can pay them off over 6 or 8 weeks, rather than all in one go).

5. Be careful with Hair ties

 Until your first shampoo we recommend steering away from hairties and hairclips where possible, and if you do need to tie your hair away, try to tie or braid loosely as if you’re one of the lucky ones who end up with quite straight hair, you may find you’ll have a hair tie kink! Curly girls are unlikely to have this issue, but if you can refrain then do, just in case!

6. Live your life with your pretty new hair!

This one is just a little added bonus! Your keratin should last 6-12 weeks (or up to 5 months for a kerasilk), so enjoy!!

Edit: we have noticed a few people have said the second keratin they have doesnt ‘work' or isnt as good as the first, and what we think this is, is that the first time it's an amazing difference, and the second time, unless you leave it for 6 months or so, the remnants of the old keratin are still there and because your hair hasn't returned to normal yet, the change isnt as drastic. If you feel like this please do still get in touch so we can have a chat just in case - but that feeling is definitely normal!


(If you’ve had a Kerasilk treatment rules 1 & 2 do not apply – you can just skip straight to living your life with your pretty new hair part!)


*Emphasis on the ‘little bit’ in little bit wet, we recommend you wear a hood in the rain, a cap in the shower, limit your sweaty workouts and suggest you don’t go swimming – if your hair gets wet, we cannot guarantee results.

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