Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment

Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment

What is Kerasilk?

The Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Service transforms unmanageable hair into smooth, soft hair, for up to 5 months in as little as 2 hours!

Is it a Chemical Straightener?

No, it is a smoothing treatment. It will take fluffy, curly, frizzy, wavy hair and make it smoother. If your hair is naturally very curly, it is likely to end up a much looser curl, if it is naturally wavy you can sometimes achieve a pretty straight result. It will reduce frizz and drying time for all hair types.

Is it the same as a Keratin Blowout?

No, put simply Kerasilk is a permanent chemical treatment and a blowout is a temporary heat treatment. Kerasilk is 2 different products that we mix together, apply to your hair and allow to develop (similar to a hair colour) this weakens the curl/wave/frizz structures in the hair permanently, then we use heat to reinforce the smoothness. The Keratin blowout is basically a synthetic protein being melted onto your hair with heat, resulting in smoother hair until it is eventually washed out.

Can it be used for blondes?

We are happy to use kerasilk on healthy blonde hair, however as it is a chemical service, we won’t do it if we believe the condition of your hair would be compromised. The heat used in the Kerasilk treatment can remove your toner, so we recommend having your colour done AFTER your treatment. If you have any damage, we recommend a keratin blowout.

Can it be used on coloured hair

Yes! The heat used in a kerasilk treatment can remove some of the pigment in a colour so we recommend having your colour booked for 2 weeks AFTER a kerasilk treatment.

Should I choose Kerasilk or a Blowout?

We usually recommend a blowout for first time keratin users as it is temporary, just to make sure you like it before you commit! Kerasilk permanently changes the curl/wave pattern of your hair and you will get regrowth. If you’re used to having your hair chemically straightened, Kerasilk is a great alternative that leaves your hair healthier than traditional straightening.

If your hair is damaged at all, we recommend using a keratin blowout rather than the Kerasilk treatment.

We can personalise the strength of Kerasilk, which means you can choose to have minimum or maximum curl reduction, mixed with minimum or maximum smoothness (although most people choose maximum curl reduction and maximum smoothness!)

Please excuse the dreadful quality of these images, but it is still one of the best visuals of one of our Kerasilk transformations and shows the level of change in both shape, and texture of the hair - Michelle’s natural hair is thick, course and curly, after a kerasilk treatment her hair is much smoother, more manageable, softer, shinier and healthier feeling!

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Allergic Reactions

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