Cancellations, rebooking and no shows.

When booking an appointment over the phone, email, online booking, facebook or in person, you are entering a verbal contract that you will turn up at that time to have that service completed. By doing so Salem Hair Co. is reserving that time for your appointment, so please give at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. This allows an opportunity for the appointment to be taken by another client.

Reminder texts are sent at 9am the day before an appointment. Do not call the number the text is sent from, this is a service provider and only text messages are passed on to Salem Hair Co. Please respond via text or call 049745637. Alternatively if you can't make it you can email [email protected], but please note we cannot reschedule appointments or make new appointments via email.

‘No Show’ clients will not be tolerated.

After one ‘No Show’ or a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, it will be at your Stylist/Salem Hair co.'s discretion as to whether you will be able to book in again. If you are rebooked we will also require an email address and a deposit to hold your appointment.
In this follow up situation, you may also be sent an email reminder 24 hours or more before your appointment as well as a text reminder the morning before. If you do not respond ‘Y’ to the text before 5pm, or by phone, your booking has the potential to be cancelled. If a second appointment is cancelled sub 24 hours or you ‘No Show’ a second time you can expect an invoice for the full amount of the service you had booked for.

If you are 10-15 or more minutes late (depending on the service), you can expect that your service may no longer be able to be completed or may need to be downgraded (eg a half head of foils instead of full head). If you are 10-15 minutes late more than once you can expect to pay for the time at a rate of $15 per 10 minutes.

While Salem Hair Co. reserves the right to charge in any of these instances, individual circumstances may be taken into consideration.


Printed prices, and prices online are a resource to be used as a guideline only and may be changed at any time, in any way, at either Salem Hair Co. or stylists discretion. Extra product and time may be charged for. Change of mind resulting in extra product being used or time taken will be charged for.


Vouchers given as a gift with a dedicated service stated may only be valid for written service.
This will be due to monetary value of services, so may be used for services of equal or lesser value.
Change will not automatically be given.
Change might be given, but may be given in the form of another voucher at stylists discretion.
Vouchers with a monetary value may be used for product also at Stylists discretion. 

* Please note: These conditions are for vouchers that have been purchased. Vouchers given as a prize, freebie or donated are excluded.


Vouchers given as a prize are valid until midnight on the day stated, no exceptions.
Valid only for full price services unless otherwise stated.
Cannot be used for product unless otherwise stated.
Will not be replaced.
Where any given service is stated, may be used for services of equal or lesser value at stylists discretion.
No change or refunds will be given.

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