Theorie Argan Oil Hair Care

Theorie Argan Oil Hair Care


What is Theorie?

What is Theorie? Theorie is a relatively new player in the hair care game, so we’ll forgive you for never having heard of them! Theorie is a range from America, the products are formulated in France, using Argan oil sourced in Morocco

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is rich in nourishing omega fatty acids and Vitamin E, and these ingredients that work to soften, fight frizz and boost shine, transforming even the dullest and driest of hair.

How does it work?

Theorie products use an advanced, oxygen-infused technology to push the restorative effects of argan oil even further, delivering these enriching nutrients, along with an exclusive blend of polyunsaturated fatty acids and silk proteins, deep down into the hair shaft for stronger, healthier looking hair that’s well protected from damaging UV rays.

Alright alright, how much?

Shampoo RRP $33 – The Shampoo uses the active oxygen technology to provide deep down rejuvenating moisture and a healthy shine. It actively restores hair by removing damaging impurities, and protecting your hair from the sun. Blended with Keratin it will genuinely make your hair stronger.

Conditioner RRP $33 – The Conditioner used the active oxygen technology to instantly penetrate deep into the hair shaft to increase moisture, restore a radiant shine, add softness all while strengthening your hair with Keratin.

Serum RRP $40 – The Serum penetrates deep into the follicles by softening the cuticle and restoring dry, damaged hair while locking in long lasting shine. Strengthens without weighing hair down and acts as protector from heat styling and environmental stressors.

Bottom line?

Basically, we are absolutely loving Theorie, the shampoo is so luxurious and gentle that hair feels soft and smooth even before it is conditioned. The conditioner is super smooth and makes your hair so soft! Your comb will just glide through, tangles barely exist anymore, and with more use it just keeps getting better! A small squirt of the serum in wet hair will make your hair super shiney and so much smoother, and another few drops on dry hair create amazing weightless shine. Best of all, its completely safe for extensions, colour and keratin treated hair! Swoon.


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