Indie Hair Gel #mixitstrong

Indie Hair Gel #mixitstrong

f7896b6808dbe5ee506dfd0b30a79ad4Indie Hair Gel #mixitstrong

What is Indie?
Indie is a really cool minimalist brand where they believe you shouldn’t need to use 15 products to get salon worthy results. Indie packaging combines pop-art brights, graffiti graphics and social media inspired names.

What is #mixitstrong ?
We prefer to call it ‘indie green’ at Salem.  Indie Green is a really amazing Gel (unscrew your face and forget everything you know about gel, because this is different, and amazing and if you have fine hair you need it in your life!). It gives amazing Hold (while still being flexible), Shine (without being greasy) and most importantly VOLUME to even the finest of locks.

How does it work?
Indie Green utilises Keratin proteins to keep hair healthy, Vitamin B5 for its anti humidity and volumising properties, Quinoa for its moisturising and heat protection properties and Saccharides (sugars) which are basically like carbs for your hair!

How do I use it?
Rub a small amount of Indie Green between your fingers and spread evenly through wet hair. Work through, scrunch and leave for beachin waves, or Blowdry for a big finish. For very fine hair you can flick your head upside down to dry focusing on the roots, then when you’re back upright, finish blowdrying your style into place using your fingers or a brush if preferred. If you’d like a little help with the syling part let us know next time you’re in salon and we can give you some tips!

How do I buy this amazing elixir?
From Salem of course! RRP is $35 and it is worth every cent if we do say so ourselves! A tube of Indie Green should last you months on end, and when you do run out we guarantee you’ll be back asap for your Indie fix!


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