Sometimes it can be daunting finding a new hairdresser, or asking questions that seem silly to you (when in reality we probably hear them every day!) so we've put together a little list of frequently asked questions.

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Yes. But...

While we do love children, and we are happy for you to bring new babies, we do generally prefer you to not bring toddlers as a hair salon is not really very child proof.
Older children tend to get bored, and as we only have a certain amount of time allocated to your appointment, please remember the longer you spend settling them, the less time we realistically have to complete your services.

In saying that, we understand sometimes things happen and you may need to bring them, so well behaved children are always welcome!

This is probably our most asked question! It's also unfortunately the hardest to answer.
First off, it depends if there is any artificial colour in your hair. If it is natural, you can most likely get away with having a full head of foils and a toner. If it is coloured the process can take a little longer!
We usually recommend taking it slowly, and starting out with a balayage type of colour to lighten up the ends first. After doing this once or twice, we can then look at doing foils or a bleach and tone to get you to your perfect shade!
The easiest way to get a better idea of the price is to book in for a free consultation so we can meet you, see your hair in real life and have a chat about your goals 🙂

Click here if you want a bit more of a breakdown on what it might cost.

This one is up to you, you don't have to, but if you want to you can! If you're having a hair cut we will most likely wash your hair for you anyway, and if you are having a colour we definitely will! The only thing that we ask is that if you are coming in for a colour, please have your hair as dry as possible on arrival 🙂

Colour is pretty strong and can make it's way through most things, silicons and waxes being the exception, so if you use heavy styling products, or pantene shampoo and conditioner it can be worth doing a deep cleansing shampoo before you come in to get the most from your colour.

Yes! Pictures are great. They are the perfect tool to convey to us the look you have in your head, even a combination of two or three pictures, (the fringe from here, colour from here and length from here).

We will always do our best to meet your expectations, as long as you promise to understand that your hair type/colour/length/natural texture may be different to the pictures your showing us!

The only reason we will ever ask you for a deposit is if you are booking in for an appointment expected to take longer than 3 hours, for extensions, or services we specifically order product for. The reason we do this is that unfortunately in the past we have had people not show up for 5 hour long appointments, or cancel their extensions after we have bought the hair and in these situation we are left with free time we can't utilise or hair we can't use. We hope you'll understand!

Please let us know as soon as humanly possible! We are super busy and can definitely utilise that time 🙂 Check out salem.co.nz/tsandcs for more info 🙂

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