How much will it cost me to go blonde?


How much will it cost me to go blonde?

This is a question we get asked A LOT, and the answer is not an easy one, so sit back and get ready for a word attack.

Before we can even begin to answer this we need to know a couple of things about you; How long is your hair? What colour is your hair now? Is that colour natural* or artificial?

*when we ask if your hair is natural, we don’t mean it like the opposite of your hair being pink, we mean your hair has NO colour/dye in it at all. If you’ve coloured your hair in the last couple of years, it probably still has some artificial colour in it, unless of course you have cut all of that hair off.

Your hair grows approximately 1cm per month, so even if you have a bob haircut, the ends of your hair are approximately 2 years old. Even if it looks like all the colour has faded out you should still tell us, because lightening natural hair is far easier than lightening artificially coloured hair, and you may end up with two totally different colours if we don’t know the artificial colour exists (most of the time we can see it before we start anyway, so fess up!).


If your hair is natural, and not too long, not too dark and you want a natural looking blonde, or balayage**, we can most likely achieve this in one standard colour service appointment, (either foils or balayage with a toner or a bleach and tone).

If it is quite dark, and you want to be quite light, sometimes it may require 2 lots of lightening and a toner to get you to your desired colour. Usually this would be done over 2 appointments, but if you wanted to do it all in one day that is always an option if we book it in correctly before you come in to the salon.

Cost: approx. $170 – $250 for the first round.

When your hair is coloured is when it becomes a bit harder. What if its coloured blonde, and you just have heaps of regrowth/want to change it a bit? Great! Can probably be achieved in one service as above. If it is brown, red, copper, black, blue or any combination of anything else, our first goal is to remove the old colour.

Most colour removers available in New Zealand are just less stable/lower developer forms of bleach, We have yet to find a reliable one where we are happy with the outcome so the way we prefer to go about removing colour is usually to do what we call a ‘shampoo bleach’ also known as a soap cap or bleach bath in the US, this can lighten the hair a few shades, so if your hair is a light brown or light copper, this may be enough to get us to a base that is light enough to re colour your hair to your desired outcome. Unfortunately if your hair is darker, all this is likely to do it turn your hair varying shades of orange, so we would recommend taking one of the options below.

Cost: approx. $110 for the first round, $80 for each lot after that and then the cost of the recolour ($100-$200)

If your hair is dark, and you are willing to go slowly in your pursuit of blonde, (definitely the best option for your hair health!) we usually recommend you go the route of ombre/balayage**, where we would slowly lighten your ends over a few appointments, toning each time so you are never leaving with ugly coloured hair, until we have the ends nice and light and then we can focus on matching the colour at the top. We would highly recommend using either Olaplex or Bond Fusion when lightening hair more than a few shades.

Cost: approx. $156 – $230 per round

If you don’t want to go slowly, the best way to go blonde, will be to strip the colour (bleach) your hair once or twice before foiling/balayaging and recolouring your hair. This can take upward of 5 hours, and we won’t do this without Olaplex or Bond Fusion. (More on these coming soon).

Cost: $110 for stripper #1
$80 for stripper #2
$145-156 for foils or balayage and colour (colour is needed to neutralise yellow/orange in hair not being foiled or balayaged)
$30-40 for a toner
$25 for each mixture containing Olaplex
Total = approx $450


If you’re still with us you must be serious about going blonde! As we’ve written above, we generally recommend going slower, doing the lightening over multiple appointments until we reach your goal colour, and using good quality conditioning treatments in between services will allow your hair a chance to rest and recuperate in between meaning overall you will have healthier, better looking hair and the ability to keep more length if this is what you are after!


Please book in for a free consultation if you would like to know what we think it would take to get your hair to blonde.

**Balayage is a form of freehand hair painting, when used in this blog post, we mean it in the sense of ombre where the colour is a darker shade at the top, fading out to a lighter colour on the ends.

Please note: We require a non-refundable $100 deposit for any corrective colour service expected to take over 3 hours. Blowdrying and styling are at an additional cost to the above, as is a haircut and styling.


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