Autumn 2016 Hair Trends

Autumn 2016 Hair Trends

Here are our top 5 picks for 2016 Autumn hair trends here in NZ

1. The Lob

The Lob seems to be here to stay! A long bob suits just about everyone, there are so many ways to wear it and so many ways to personalise it how could it not? The blunt cut gives fine hair a healthier edge, the undone looks work for almost all hair types, and the A line styling with textured layers is a great way to remove bulk from even the thickest of hair.

lob hair nz trends 2016

2. Braids
French braids, Dutch braids, Fishtail braids? Mix and match! They’re all bang on trends right now! It’s an awesome way to keep your hair out of your face while its still hot, are amazing for hiding a bad hair day, keeping a growing out fringe in check or just to add a cute difference to the same old style! The best part? Messy is totally in.


3. Warm Natural Colours
Thats right, warm colours! It looks like in the US they are starting to move away from ash, ash or ash and head into having slightly warmer, more natural looking colours! I won’t be surprised if this one takes us a little bit longer to catch on to. When we sat natural and warm, we’re not talking yellow, we still want clean blondes, but picture honey lowlights, caramels highlights, auburns, chocolate browns.. Lush!

warm colours

4. Balayage

Balayage is all but cemented into our lives now. But what does it actually mean? Balayage is actually a term meaning ‘to sweep’ when we talk about it in hair colouring, it means everything from free hand painting highlights, through to ombre! The look taking the world by storm right now is a mixture of ombre, babylights and long shadowed roots, but we still think all the variations are beautiful!

balayage specialists wellington

5. Pastels

Pastels are another one that’s sticking around, although we’re seeing less of the low maintenance dip dyed look and more of the full commitment full head colours. You’ll need to be able to achieve very blonde hair to pull these off! There are two pantone colours of the year for 2016, ‘ Rose Quartz’ (a dusty pink) and ‘Serenity’ (a pretty muted purpley blue) and while we are yet to see serenity rose quartz is definitely making it’s way into hair colour. We’re also still seeing the pretty lilac/lavenders – which will most likely translate in to deep purples for winter for us dark haired girls!



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